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All of our foals and horses are worked with extensively before going to their new homes. They are taught to lead, load, tie, pick up their feet, and are desensitized. It is our goal to be able to offer everyone their dream horse so we are willing to work with you to create a plan that is fair and affordable.

If we don't have what you are looking for please let us know and we will work to find you another trusted breeder that does have that special horse for you.

We accept cash, cheques, PayPal, E-transfers, bank wires and a variety of payment plans.  Please contact us for more information.



Black Orchid Remington

Born: July 15, 2021

Breed: Gypsy

Sire: Mac Guinness

Dam: Black Orchid Safira

Registered: GVHS *pending*

Height: Estimated 14 hands at maturity

PSSM1: n/n     

Color: Black Tobiano (Ee, TT)

Remington is the quite an independant colt with unique markings. He loves playing and hanging out with the other foals. Remington has age appropriate training , is haltered, tied in the barn and has his feet trimmed. 


Black Orchid Glorious Illusion "Gloria"

Born: May 18, 2022

Breed: Gypsy

Sire: Mac Guinness

Dam: Black Orchid Final Fantasy "Tiara"

Registered: GVHS *pending*

Height: Estimated 15 hands at maturity

PSSM1/FIS: negative   

Color: Silver Black Tobiano (Ee, TT, Zn) *color results being verified via Etalon Diagnostics


Gloria is the sweetest filly with with more feather at this age than any other born on the farm.  She loves people and will come running to greet you any time she see you.  Gloria has already had some halter training and picks up her feet. She will be able to lead, load, tie and stand for trimming before she leaves for her new home. 


Black Orchid Storm'n Norman

Born: August 1, 2022

Breed: Gypsy

Sire: Mac Guinness

Dam: Black Orchid Serenity

Registered: GVHS *pending*

Height: Estimated 15 hands at maturity

PSSM1/FIS: n/n     

Color: Black Tobiano (Ee, TT)

Norman was born during a crazy storm that hit our area, so that is how he got his name. We will be getting some new photos of this sweet boy soon. We guestimate that he should be quite a large colt. His sire is close to 16 hands and his Dam is just over 15 hands. 



 Sold - Black Orchid Top Gun

Born: June 22, 2022

Breed: Shire

Sire: Northeast Newman

Dam: Holland Shire's Teren

Registered: CSHA pending

Height: Estimated 18 hands at maturity

PSSM1: n/n     

Color: Bay or Chestnut *pending DNA results at Etalon Diagnostics*

Cruz would make an excellent Drum horse stallion prospect. This boy has legs for days and an egaging personality. He loves people and getting his scratches as well as playing with his pasture mates. 

Drum Horses

DSC_0803 - Copy
image_6483441 (4)
DSC_0739 - Copy
DSC_0754 - Copy

Black Orchid Ellie

Born: May 31, 2022

Breed: F1 Drum 

             50% Gypsy

             50% Clydesdale

Sire: Ace of Bay's (F1Drum)

Dam: Wild Rose Orla (F1 Drum)

Registered: IDHA *pending*

Height: Estimated 16 hands at maturity

PSSM1/FIS: negative  

Color: Bay  Pearl (A/A, E/E, prl/n, W20/W20) *color verified via Etalon Diagnostics


Ellie has got to be the kindest filly on the farm this year. She is not pushy but always comes for love and attention. She stood without any kind of restraint to have her hair pulled for genetic testing...tail and mane. Ellie has all the right qualities to be a loyal family member. 


Black Orchid Westward Star

Born: May 13, 2021

Breed: F3 Drum (13.285% Gypsy, 64.065% Shire, 27.66% Clydesdale)

Sire: Northeast Newman

Dam: Hytyme Freyja

Registered: IDHA pending

Height: Estimated 17 hands at maturity

PSSM1/FIS: n/n     

Color: Black Tobiano (E/E, TO/n)

West was retained by Black Orchid as a future stallion prospect, but as life changes so do our plans. With our desire to downsize we have decided to let West find a new family that can help him reach his full potential. We feel that this colt has the potential to make an amazing herd sire and hope that someone will see the same in him. With that being said, we are not opposed to him being gelded which we do feel opens up more opportunities for him. A happy loving home is most important. West has basic handling an is booked to go our trainers balanced baby program in September. 


Hytyme Electra

Born: June 14, 2017

Breed: F2 Drum (46.88% Gypsy, 31.25 Shire, 21.88% Clydesdale)

Sire: OMF's Apollo

Dam: Hytyme April

Registered: IDHA # D0594M

Height: 15'2

PSSM1/FIS: n/n     

Color: Bay Tobiano 

Electra has produced an outstanding filly for us which we have decided to retain for our program. This leaves us the opportunity to share Electra's outstanding genetics with another breeder. As we try to downsize these are hard decisions to make as we really do adore all of our horses. Electra has such a nice, deep and rich bay color and we believe she is homozygous tobiano. Electra is bred to our F1 Drum stallion Wild Rose Big Mac for a 2023 foal. The foal will either be Bay Tobiano or Buckskin Tobiano with the chance of it being homozygous for the tobiano gene. Due Date for the foal is April 10, 2023. 

Electra has basic training: leads, loads, ties, stands for trimmer and is up to date with deworming. 

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